Frozen Pork Feet

Healthy for human consumption White skin No broken bones 0% Well cleaned and fresh No bruises No black pads or ammonia burns No bad smells No excessive blood or bloodstains Moisture content is less than 3% Weight per piece is 45g 20% front and 80% hind feet Frozen

Details :

  • Temperature - Blasted at - minus 40 degrees Celsius Storage at minus 20 degrees
  • Celsius Transportation Temperature -18oC
  • Packing - 1 Polly bags of 10kg each = 10kg per carton Frozen pork Hind Feet Frozen Pork Front Feet Frozen Pork Cutting Fat Frozen Pork Head Meat Frozen Pig Stomach


Place of Origin Brazil
Packaging Polly bags of 10kg each = 10kg per cartoon